May 10, 2017



Here are some of the FAQs (frequently asked questions) by our clients. They are presented below to help you understand our service.

What makes your service stand out?

We deliver top quality and absolutely original job. Besides, we use collaborative approach (team work) rather than ‘a single man know-it-all approach’ in handling clients’ jobs. This approach ensures that expertise is mined across board resulting in robust and quality job outcomes. To uphold integrity of academic work, we encourage our clients in academics (students, lecturers etc) to join the team handling their job in order to gain valuable knowledge and experience through the process. In summary, once you give us job, many experts knowledgeable in the job field (experienced Masters, PhD holders or other professional writers) are called in to deliver a quality job.

What does it entail to use your service?

Using our service requires just three (3) steps:

  1. Request a price quote by filling the Oder form. You will be contacted thereafter
    (within 24 hours) with quotation tailored to your order
  2. Once satisfied with the quote, make payment deposit of 70% of the
    total amount on the quote.
  3. Pay the balance after your job is completed to receive the complete work. (note: when the job is completed, a preview of it will be sent to you for appraisal and balance payment)

How do I make payment?

For now, we only accept payment through bank transfer, check or bank deposit.
How do you ensure that job delivered meets required quality?

  • We parade a team of verified professional writers with vast experience
  • We allocate your job to a team of writers with requisite knowledge in your field
  • We use sophisticated software to detect and remove plagiarism
  • We ensure that you are given constant updates on your job

All these ensure that we produce quality job outcomes to your satisfaction.

How is the job delivered?

We deliver job done via an electronic channel i.e. emails. You may however negotiate for other forms of delivery.

Any other question?
Please contact us