September 27, 2015

PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis

Doctor of Philosophy, otherwise referred to as PhD, is an academic qualification. Its acquisition demands that aspirant displays excellent research and problem-solving skills that are not only outstanding but also adjudged to advance knowledge. In academics, PhD appears to be the defacto qualification needed to teach in universities and many higher institutions of learning. In Nigeria, for instance, a minimum requirement to teach or ‘lecture’ in the nation’s universities is PhD certificate. After satisfying coursework, oral and written qualifying interview as well as residency requirements (where applicable), a doctorate degree aspirant is expected to complete a dissertation or thesis.

High rate of attrition or non completion characterises PhD programme across the globe potentially becoming a conduit pipe for resource wastage. Many PhD aspirants spend as much as eight to ten years for PhD programme that is projected to last for 3 years because of many factors that could be ‘personal’, ‘situational’ or both to a PhD aspirant.

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